What’s Up With Toddy Pond School?

What happened to Toddy Pond School? Our former websites went down and our phones are disconnected. You do the math. We apologize if you are unable to find the answers you are looking for. We’ll do our best to provide you with some alternative information that may help answer your queries.

From the Bangor Daily News

Alternative schools offer unconventional approach for students with behavior problems

“When kids first arrive we ask them what it was like in their previous setting,” said Makin. “Invariably they attribute any success they have to luck or the task being too easy. When it comes to their failures, they point to some external factor and not their own decisions. We really work to attach a source of personal power and responsibility to everything they do.”

Though there is a points-based discipline system and clearly defined standards students are required to reach in academics and attendance, for the most part each student is part of defining and developing his or her own education program and goals. The factor that leads to success for many students is showing them that someone cares. Click here to read more…

REAL School

Exploring possibility

The REAL School is an adventure-based, alternative and special education school serving students with and without disabilities, whose needs have not been met in traditional school programs, and whose strengths have yet to be reflected in their school performance.

The REAL School recognizes that all learners have strengths. Our approach leverages these assets and interests as catalysts for positive change and growth across social, emotional, behavioral and academic goals. While programming to impact these goals is individualized, every individual is a precious and important part of our learning community. Students here are not merely receivers of services – they are active partnersin the development and care of a school culture that supports all members. Our core values of Safety, Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness are directly taught and practiced, and consistently recognized and rewarded. Click here to learn more…

Maine Alternative Private Schools

There are 17 private schools in Maine serving 428 students. Alternative schools typically provides a nontraditional education curriculum and falls outside the categories of regular, special education, or vocational education. Click here to see the entire list…

Getting Scholarships for School

Applying for and obtaining scholarships for private school is really no different than the same process for college scholarships. You just need to know where to find them and what the rules are for applying. For example, many college scholarships require essays. There are several scholarships without essays available too. Finding the scholarship that you qualify for and that is the right fit for you is key. Doing a simple internet search can go a long way. Also, it might be a good idea to ask around. Talk to other parents at the school or to faculty members to see if they know of any scholarship opportunities. Talk to local businesses or business owners. You just never know who might be willing to fork over money in the form of a scholarship to help pay for your kids education.